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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Motor Heart Transmission"

Open timespace!
where might we find 
open heart translation
of the motor heart transmission kind?
today i drew a thousand thousand faces
cus' I call it as I know it
wisdom showing a way of looking at that dark
ark of levity growing.

There are other ways to look.
This maybe the art that will save you.
Inspiration station, 
jump outta the system.

great capacity for darkness
a lil' soul or terrible timing 
in waking, shaking the clock, 
someone is knocking
while waiting at the door to your heart.
insect to flame, 
intersect my tiny concerns,
my important pain, 
freeways of freewill claims

give a look of recognition
or concur, gimme silly hope! 
nope, but it's a dream of mine. 
labor all the time 
at this heart of mine
searching within square inches
the minutiae of a moment

mirror mind o' mine, 
no serpents, no problems
Circuit like Time Serpents
crawling in every which direction
some may need to grow a soul
outta paths they slither and wind.
can't pay no mind, 
gotta stand in my mean and light.

My experience now a river
of resources, rich and silty flow,
Stickman holds a sun bulb soul
above my life green house 
fear fuels the drive
smothers the fire
mutes my vivid mental design
focus the mind design

i can't feed on the sign
symbols and prayers
leave us unsustained
as game of prey
the role i play
strong will wind directs the way
a change of the lionhearted to that
which blows us over

fortune's wind is generated 
by bat wings and flight
rises up again as unprejudiced 
acts of natural light
sinewave world sub-production,
hermetic, bizarre, heretical,
making paper collage, writing letters, 
making objects and mailing them.
Practice psychic ability, imagination, 
anticipation, intuition
and love your magick tortoise heart.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Weeds

travel, woods, tank, surf, the found outer rim of magick,
a grand movement that correlates upon the air and earth.
missive hopes, grand design, group effort, local lie,
trigger happy hipster, sick choleric grifter sifts 
oceans of sands of times and orange bottomed 
ripened fruits full of tincture of essence of blossom
and gristle; follow junk outside of time while inside
containers of homogenous visions flux and fashion
hungry kitchen counters, beans, bells, golden whispers,
evocative missions flow and form knowing resonance,
opening gates to the next great fate and money enough.
preach the decision, eden in a trailer park, hell on wheels,
trash humpers, glass avenues, nova blues, phenix tunes,
jazz for the art guild and clicks currency continuum. 
independence glides in, strength eases in temperance,
artful usefulness designs capable symmetrical balance. 
emotively legendary, singular, dawn the wand guides
hand, mouth, deertongue. direct the way, concentrate to 
expand, demand the world citizenship and the golden
mean to prove access to a spectral spectrum outside
the humdrum, while inside drum and hum 

the hymn of soul that i gno.