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Thursday, July 12, 2012

the 70's style of "Chop & Rip"

Sometimes we become hard and cartoonish, set in habit and comfortable in thought.  This world has abrasive, hurtful edges and cradling waters of pleasure.  The teeth of beasts finds the creator demiurge in a fogGod of its own making, reflexively devouring itself.  By course of habit and preexisting model, the fractal nature of reality, as above so below, bends its shape over creator god and human measure in similitude.  Thus we shape and consume our own self-modeled-made perspectives in the light of Nature and its endless eating and preying.

This train of thought is strongly Gnostic:  view existence by way of escaping flawed, blind creation.  Chaos thought itself into mistakenly forming order as a thought, pattern, and then recoiled in vile reaction.  Beyond the veil of active forces there maybe a receptive field in which all decays and dies only to rise from a hidden fostering growth.  The nondual offers existence the eternal opportunity to try it again.  This merry-go-round is too-old as never-has-been, and the ride justly changes supremely and wyrdly.  Whatever it maybe, betcha it'll be an other.

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