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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"ember blossoms"

mute view unto the moon.
nothing to see here,
though feel the pull.

silent winter grace
cold ground and chill cut wind,
mountain blue place.

seem singular as am.
bought a spot of market share;
the only game by which to warm.

sell sectioned lots of value, 
though deviated discounts and flux
in price, time sold wholesale.

rotting meat falls prey to insect, 
bacterial decay to habit, hope;
petty insights of momentary drivel.

rock pushing, apple taking, serpent 
growing, thunder shock uprising,
promethean flame. phenix pain.

hapless holiday innards lay
claim to digestive middle income
in cheap candies and mints.

money is the motion
that our current boat strides,
economic cruise or industrial liner.

clarity fry groans hinder christian
values, dreaming of apocalypse
or at least an end to it, strain.

desire soft open pleasures
filled with members only
jacket covered fellas.

old gods inside all cried
foul winter rot!
the fool is aging as are we!

we are legion and again
jesus sent us all to pot
and rot in a heap o pigs.

stoner friend you hiss a song
melodic and strong. 
your sweet lips grin so grim.

opal mouth blood covered tips
the grips of which seen fold
flesh in space and make us old.

power grows relentlessly 
violent in its desire 
to dominate whole.

release it all, you do not want,
do not need, have no creed.
not this, not this.

mother aged wisdom rapidly
into an egg of pain and misplaced
virtues, sweet prim promises

father fooled around as fool
and found the faulty ground
withstood little of posturing.

son thought and thought
as though it might matter
to mother or father or other.

funny how the Forever family
writhes in a success yet to be seen

and thought it pain.

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